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Lyndsee Frankel, LE, is a Colorado native with over 17 years of skincare experience. She is licensed in body art, specializing in micro-pigmentation. She is also certified in microblading, and master-certified in skin resurfacing, microdermabrasion, and Dermalogica Skin Care. Her obsessions are the precision and creativity of aesthetic tattooing, nutrition, body physiology and science. She's a mother of three daughters and enjoys art and painting in her fairly non-existent spare time. She is currently finishing a BSN at Denver College of Nursing and is a candidate for an RN license. Lyndsee approaches life and her profession with love, knowledge and determination. She believes whole body wellness is the ultimate key to beauty and vitality.  

Meet Our Products

We only use products that meet our rigorous specifications. Skin care and cosmetics at suggested by EMERGE must be versatile, free of potential irritants, superior ingredients, free of artificial fragrances, dynamic in action and have long lasting results. 


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